Transitional Employment Service

Our Job Coach works with job seekers to review and teach job-seeking skills, such as preparing a resume, doing practice interviews, and organizing a job search. They also assist with other aspects of the job search, such as developing good grooming and hygiene, problem solving, and providing transportation when no other source is available. They will also work with other professionals and coordinate services on the job seekers behalf when it could affect keeping their job.


Mission Mountain Enterprises, Inc. is currently under contract with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide job training to people who qualify for the services.


The goal of Voc Rehab is to support job seekers in a job they can perform (and enjoy!) independently. Our Job Coach provides assistance in filling out applications, preparing for job interviews, and explaining the benefits of this program to potential employers. The Voc Rehab Program provides the following types of employment services:


Job Development

Our  Job Coach will discuss with the job seeker what types of jobs they would be interested in. Once the type of job and employer is identified, the Job Coach will contact the employer(s). With the assistance of local resources, such as Job Service, our Job Coach will explore what types of jobs are available in the community, and what type may become available in the future. They will develop an on-the-job evaluation if the job seeker is interested and able to perform that job with our without accommodations.


On-the-Job Evaluation

Our Job Coach works with the job seekers and a potential employer to develop a work site where they get the opportunity to actually work for an employer to see if they like the job and are able to succeed at it. Typically a set amount of hours is provided to work at this business and the job seeker would be paid for performing the job.



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